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Shareholder & Partnership Agreements

Long Saad Woodbridge are experienced in advising in and drawing up shareholder and partnership agreements that provide clarity and certainty to shareholders and business partners, and stability to the business.

Before buying or selling a businesses or shares, we conduct necessary research for you.

Partnership Agreements

Establishing a clearly defined and well-understood partnership agreement goes a long way towards securing the success of the business relationship.

Long Saad Woodbridge has the experience and insight to help you incorporate all essential features into a partnership agreement.

Our Partnership Agreement Lawyers have expertise in advising and supporting you in the event that a dispute arises within the partnership. Our goal in this scenario is to help you minimise cost and inconvenience and to help protect you against any claims

Shareholder Agreements

For private limited liability companies, shareholder agreements may define a number of important matters including:

  • How disputes are resolved.
  • How one shareholder can exit a company.
  • Voting rights that apply to different classes of shares.
  • Dividend distribution that apply to different classes of shares.
  • How deadlocks are to be resolved.
  • What constitutes a quorum at a shareholders’ meeting.

Our Shareholder Agreement Lawyers are experienced in advising in and drawing up shareholder agreements that provide clarity and certainty to shareholders, and stability to the business.


A Buy/Sell Agreement allows business owners to plan how their interests in a business will be transferred to the remaining owners should an exit event occurs (ie death or unable to work). A buy/sell agreement typically consider the following:

  1. A mutually agreed valuation method for the business.
  2. A mechanism to provide the departing owner or their estate with the full market value of their stake, following an exit event.
  3. Financing options for remaining owners to purchase the exiting owner’s stake.

Buy-Sell Agreements can either be a part of broader agreements like Shareholder or Partnership Agreements, or standalone documents.

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It will depend on the type of business and various other factors. An experienced business lawyer will be able to assist you in understanding the key differences and enable you to make an informed decision.

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Taking into consideration what is the best, most effective business structure for the purchase of the business – sole trader, partnership, company, trust – is something you should discuss with an experienced business lawyer prior to purchasing a business.


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