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Award-winning experts in Family Law matters

LSW Lawyers are a dedicated team of highly experienced Family Lawyers based in Sydney helping people navigate relationship breakdown and divorce. We are sensitive to your needs and do all we can to expedite a practical solution that takes good care of you and your children. We’ve been practising in Sydney for nearly 30 years, and have experts in a broad range of family law matters.

Where possible, our family lawyers seek to help you achieve an amicable resolution with your spouse or de facto partner using:

  • Consent Orders for division of property
  • Parenting plans or Orders
  • Binding Financial Agreements (which may be prenuptial, during marriage or after separation).

In the event of a breakdown of a marriage, de facto or same-sex relationship, we bring our business savvy to the fore to ensure your entitlements are fair and equitable, all with a goal of helping you to regain a solid foundation for moving on in your life.

The big things

The most precious part of a relationship is the people most in need of protection. Our family law solicitors are experts in our drafting of workable parenting orders, agreements and where necessary recovering children from other locations and then providing for them in financially astute child support agreements.

Our approach saves you significant time, stress and expense when compared with contested (court-based) outcomes, which are last resort for us.

The little things

Furthermore, we understand that every person’s needs and circumstances are unique – some people will contact us in one of the hardest times of their lives, such as during separation or divorce, for others we might be a small administrative step, like a pre-nup (Binding Financial Agreement), on the way to their wedding and one of the happiest days of their lives.

Since introduction to Australian Law in 2000, Binding Financial Agreements have become more popular and accepted. We assist our clients as they embark on a relationship to have a plan for how to divide their assets if the relationship later fails to minimise costs/disputes and heartache if the couple separate.

Consultations with a senior family lawyer

Unlike many law firms in Sydney that offer initial consultations with junior lawyers, we offer initial consultations with senior lawyers who can give immediate and accurate advice straight away, helping to give you a realistic understanding of the process for your particular circumstances.

We always work towards the best outcome for our clients, not just financially, but also mentally and emotionally. For 97% of our clients, we find a solution which is finalised outside a courtroom, avoiding a long process that can be both stressful and costly.

We are a personable, approachable team of dedicated experts who work hard to find fair outcomes for all our clients in Sydney and across Australia. We act for many overseas Australians as well.

Our team is filled with a diverse range of experience in different areas of family law, so we are able to match the best fit for your particular circumstances. As well as experience in the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court, we have team members with expertise in property, business, commerce, accounting and child-related matters.

Our Family Lawyers have resolved thousands of diverse cases, from relatively straightforward separations to splitting businesses, trusts and property portfolios spanning multiple jurisdictions. While every family’s situation is unique, our team has proven experience that will help guide your decision-making process.

Our Family Law Expertise

Explore our range of services specific to this area of law.

Divorce Lawyers

Our Sydney divorce lawyers have significant expertise in guiding clients who are undergoing a divorce or separation. We help to simplify and streamline the divorce process. Having access to expert advice reduces the stress and expense associated with a divorce.

Property Division & Settlement

Negotiating a fair property settlement following divorce or de facto relationship breakdown can be very complex. Our property settlement lawyers have specialist expertise in this area and are skilled in helping you safeguard your interests.

Binding Financial Agreement & Assets Planning

Our Family Law Team have extensive expertise in the area of advice and the drafting of sound Binding Financial Agreements in both prenuptial (pre-nup) and post relationship (post-nup) scenarios.

Parenting & Child Custody

Our Family Law Team assists parents every day in the complex area of child custody and parenting orders. We can guide and advise you to help expedite a resolution and ensure that your children's interests are taken care of.

Child Support

The financial burden of raising children often requires more than one income, how can we survive now that there are two households? It's not as easy as a calculation by the website.

Spousal Maintenance

Relationship breakdowns can lead to financial insecurity and anxiety about ongoing living expenses. Our family law team can provide expert advice and guidance to ensure that you have the funds necessary to care for yourself.

Same-sex Relationships

We can assist couples in a Sex relationship in the area of Parenting Orders and Children's Issues, Child Support, Financial Agreements, Property Settlements, Estate Planning and much more.

De Facto Relationships

We can assist couples in a De Facto relationship in the area of Parenting Orders and Children's Issues, Child Support, Financial Agreements, Property Settlements, Estate Planning and much more.

Family Court Litigation

We achieve a 97% settlement rate of cases. With LSW, going to Court does not mean an expensive final hearing. It usually only means requiring the other party to attend a Court assisted negotiation process in the early phase of a Court process that we opt out of when a settlement is reached.

Family Law Team

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