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Childcare Lawyers Sydney

LSW Lawyers specialises in legal support for childcare centres, guiding you through compliance, acquisitions, and daily operations. With a dedicated team working alongside industry experts, we ensure your childcare business thrives securely and efficiently.


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Expert Legal Guidance Tailored for Childcare Centre Challenges

LSW Lawyers specialises in providing legal advice to childcare business owners, for both existing owners and those looking to begin in the industry. Our lawyers can help you navigate the complex regulatory landscape and provide guidance on the legal matters you need to know and implement into your practice. Trust us to protect your rights and interests as a childcare provider.

If you currently own or manage a childcare centre, or are thinking of owning or managing one in the future, you’ll need our team of expert lawyers to assist you. Working closely with brokers, architects, and finance providers, our experts can guide you through every aspect of childcare centre ownership – from obtaining your regulatory approvals, acquiring or establishing your first business, negotiating a lease, employing and managing staff, through to the daily operation of your business.

  • Regulatory Understanding: We’re well-versed in the intricate regulations surrounding care programs, quality of care, and the Family Assistance Law. Lean on our expertise to ensure your centre operates within the bounds of the law.
  • Employment Matters: From drafting solid employment contracts to addressing sensitive issues like misconduct and performance management, we ensure that you’re protected in your relationships with your staff. Our seasoned team also offers representation in legal claims initiated by employees.
  • Operational Challenges: Navigating legal hurdles like disciplinary complaints, civil claims, and interventions by regulatory authorities is easier with LSW Lawyers by your side. We’re adept at managing both national childcare laws and regulations.
  • Business Transactions: We provide comprehensive legal due diligence for the acquisition and sale of childcare centres. Furthermore, our team aids in negotiating leases, addressing lease disputes, assisting with business restructures, and offering guidance on asset protection.
  • Additional Services:
    • Guidance on franchises and similar setups
    • Support for debt refinancing
    • Help with partnership agreements, disputes, and resolutions
    • Business succession planning
    • Detailed training on regulatory issues

Experience You Can Trust

In an industry as delicate and regulated as childcare, having specialised legal support can mean the difference between navigating challenges with ease and facing potential pitfalls. LSW Lawyers provides unparalleled expertise for childcare and family day care operators. We’re here to guide you in understanding and maintaining full compliance with all legislative mandates.

Our team has successfully represented numerous childcare centres in a wide range of matters. We’ve also managed corporate, commercial, and transactional matters like conducting due diligence for childcare operators acquiring multiple centres or defending claims against childcare centres, including sensitive matters that touch on racial discrimination or health-related incidents.

At LSW Lawyers, we’re not just about legal representation; we’re about forging partnerships. We want to be the trusted legal pillar supporting your childcare centre’s success. With our extensive experience, industry knowledge, and unwavering dedication, we aim to help every childcare centre operator navigate the complexities of the law with confidence.

Our Childcare Expertise

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