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Denise Cham

Denise is a highly skilled and dedicated solicitor, and a valued member, in our Property and Commercial Team. She has extensive experience and possesses proficiency in various facets of property and commercial transactions, ranging from residential, industrial and commercial transactions and leasing, to providing thorough advice and guidance to our valued clientele with respect to property development matters.

Prior to joining us in 2020, Denise was exposed to a diverse range of legal matters, encompassing litigation, debt recovery, construction disputes, and various commercial conflicts. Her diverse experience allows her to efficiently address and handle a wide spectrum of legal challenges.

Denise’s unwavering dedication to every matter enables her to work diligently, ensuring that our clients here at Long Saad Woodbridge receive expert guidance throughout the entirety of their transaction. Denise ensures that clients are not only aware of their options but also understand the implications of each decision. This level of transparency and guidance instills confidence in clients, enabling them to make well-informed choices that align with their objectives and priorities.

Denise’s client-focused approach is a cornerstone of her professional ethos. Beyond her formidable legal knowledge, she consistently places the needs and interests of our clients at the forefront of her practice.

In essence, Denise is not just committed to achieving legal excellence, but also to delivering exceptional client experience. Her dedication and expertise combine to create a trusted advisor who stands by our clients’ side, ensuring that their endeavours are not only legally sound but also gratifying.

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