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Hiring Employees

Experts in the area of Contract Preparation as well as Compliance with Modern Awards and Entitlements

A well drafted employment contract sets the foundation for a good employer-employee relationship.

Contract Preparation

It is essential to have an experienced employment law team assist in preparing contracts to suit your business’s unique needs and to ensure the best outcome for your business through the entirety of an employee’s service, including hiring, performance management and termination. Our team will you by explain your options and help you decide what is best for your business on a commercial basis.

The key purposes of an employment contract are:

  1. To articulate critical information about the terms and conditions of employment;
  2. To clarify each of the employer and the employee’s rights and obligations;
  3. To exclude any unwanted terms which may otherwise be implied by law;
  4. Facilitate performance (and in certain cases create mechanisms to measure and encourage performance); and
  5. Protect the legal interests of both parties, particularly in the termination of employment and consequences.

In addition to preparing employment contracts, our team also assists businesses in drafting enterprise agreements, executive service agreements and independent contractor agreements, if an ’employee’ is not the correct status.

Compliance with Modern Awards and Entitlements

With over 120 Modern Awards applying to a range of businesses and employees in Australia, the experienced employment law team at Long Saad Woodbridge will ensure you are compliant with those relevant to your business. Understanding which Modern Award(s) may apply to your business and employees will become a simplified task with the guidance of our lawyers.

Employees are also entitled to a range of other entitlements in accordance with the National Employee Standards including maximum weekly hours, parental leave and related entitlements, community service leave and more. Our employment law team can assist your business and guarantee your peace of mind by ensuring your business’ compliance with all relevant laws relating to your employee’s entitlements.



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