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Family Law Litigation Lawyers

We achieve a 97% settlement rate of cases. With LSW, going to Court does not mean an expensive final hearing. It usually only means requiring the other party to attend a Court assisted negotiation process in the early phase of a Court process that we opt out of when a settlement is reached.

If you have to go to Court you need a strong lawyer with a good understanding of the complex Court rules.

You don’t want to go to Court if you can avoid it, but if you have to go to Court you need a strong lawyer with a good understanding of the complex Court rules, familiarity with the Judges and who knows all the specialist barristers in this field.

Our litigation team are very strong Court representatives for you across all family law:

  • Property cases
  • Getting the business properly valued
  • Finding and valuing assets
  • Chasing hidden trusts and overseas assets
  • Getting fair parenting time
  • Limiting family violence and AVO Court matters
  • Pursuing family and third party rights
  • Appeals to the Family Court of Appeal and High Court

We achieve a 97% settlement rate of cases actually started. At this firm, going to Court does not mean an expensive final hearing process that takes years, but we see the wisdom in getting out of the process when proper settlement processes are in place. Negotiated outcomes are the norm.

The jargon and delays mean that you need proactive specialists to represent you. Our team has a depth of experience that makes us leaders in the field.

Our longstanding association with experts, such as Barristers, Forensic Accountants and Valuers, gives us the edge in representing you.

Sometimes the other spouse’s expectations or underlying health issues, particularly mental health, means that cases have to run. Such cases still need to be managed in a sensitive and cost-effective manner, particularly if co-parenting needs to be an outcome. We have the expertise to conduct such complex litigation.


This depends. If the issue is considered by a Judge to be urgent and critical, your could have your first Court date within a week.

It may take years to get to a final hearing, however there are plenty of opportunities to reach an agreement and finalise your case well before a hearing. 97% of our cases are settled without the need for a final hearing.

It depends on what is involved. No two families are the same and every family has different circumstances.

At CLW we will provide you with an estimate of our fees at your first consultation, once we understand your unique circumstances. We pride ourselves on providing regular updating estimates as we learn your facts and the other parties allegations and the court’s specific rulings in your case throughout your case so you are not left surprised.

An urgent application to the Court for time can be made. We can obtain exemptions from the usual mediation processes to stop parents using children as pawns.

The Court has comprehensive enforcement and contempt procedures so that we can get ‘game playing’ parents back on track. Great care is needed to determine if they should be used – take advice!

We are experts at identifying sources of funds and origins of assets. Our capacity to chase doesn’t stop at the border. Subpoena and disclosure requirements are very powerful and comprehensive if used strategically. So are forensic accountants “tracing” money flows. Assets are regularly hidden – income from such assets is much harder to hide – we have expertise in both areas.

No. Our role is to identify what the company, the accountant, the bank, the business partner and government agencies can be compelled to give us to complete even a minimally understood “sketch” of the other spouse’s structure which we will build for you over time.


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