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Branden Corcoran

Branden is a highly capable and enthusiastic solicitor in our property and commercial law team. Branden thoroughly enjoys all realms of legal practise with a base in real property, ranging from commercial and industrial property transactions across Australia to leasing, civil litigation and disputes. He also assists property developers with all legal aspects of their projects from their conception – from the acquisition of a development site, achieving the requisite approvals, all the way through to settlements of the subsequent sales.

Branden finds satisfaction in building relationships and trust with his clients from an early stage in his career, including the everyday person looking to buy, sell or resolve a dispute, interstate property developers or large companies, and always aims to deliver practical and pragmatic legal advice to his clients.

Branden is known for his efficiency and attention to detail, which ensures that he provides timely and cost-effective legal services always, whilst always prioritising the best interests of his clients. Branden takes the time to understand his clients’ goals and forms a crucial part of the journey to achieving them.

Branden is a personable and friendly member of our team, who takes pride in always being available and contactable by his clients, as he appreciates the urgency and importance of his clients’ needs.

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