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SMSF – Set up

Our SMSF trust deeds are thoughtfully designed to encompass a range of valuable features, ensuring utmost flexibility and compliance:

  1. Acceptance of all permitted contributions, accommodating various financial scenarios.
  2. Empowerment of the trustee with flexible investment powers, allowing strategic portfolio management.
  3. Benefits can be disbursed as early or as late as permitted by the law, aligning with individual preferences and legal regulations.
  4. Inclusion of comprehensive reserve provisions to enhance financial planning and security.
  5. Support for various forms of permitted pensions, providing options tailored to member needs.
  6. Flexibility in handling death benefits. In cases where a member hasn’t specified the form of death benefit, the trustee can make payments to the deceased’s dependants or estate, ensuring a smooth and considerate process.

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SMSF – Set Up


Members details

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Superfund Trustee Details

Only if members will not be trustees

More than 1 member fund - No member of the fund is an employee of another member of the fund, unless the members concerned are relatives.
Single member fund - Have you satisfied yourself that the fund complies with Section 17A(2) of SIS?
Do you want the deed registered at NSW Land Registry Services?
For the PDS we will use your office address as the trustee's address unless told otherwise.

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