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Minimum Superannuation Guarantee Rate change effective 1 July 2021

As part of the 2021 Federal Budget the changes to the superannuation guarantee were confirmed.

Meaning that starting from 1 July 2021 until 1 July 2025, the superannuation guarantee for eligible workers will increase by 0.5% each year as follows:

Superannuation Guarantee Rate Effective Date
10% 1 July 2021
10.5% 1 July 2022
11% 1 July 2023
11.5% 1 July 2024
12% 1 July 2025

Failing to increase the superannuation guarantee by the required dates may attract the superannuation guarantee charge (including interest and an administration fee) in addition to any penalties levied by the ATO.

Practically, all employers ought to review their employment contracts to ascertain whether the increase in the superannuation guarantee ought to captured within the employee’s current renumeration package or whether the extra statutory superannuation must be paid in addition to an employee’s base salary.

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