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LOOKOUT: NSW State Budget 2023-24 Stamp Duty and Land Tax Changes

The NSW State budget has announced some changes to our stamp duty and land tax rules.
There are 4 main changes that we want to tell you about:

“Land rich” stamp duty

What was once known as “land rich” stamp duty (now called landholder duty), which applies when transferring an interest in a trust or company that owns land with an unencumbered value (not just land value) of $2m or more, is being given a shake up.

The 50% or more threshold for a significant interest when applying landholder duty for a private unit trust will be reduced to 20%. This change only applies to a private unit trust, not to a private company.

Also, entities in a chain will be linked if there is a 20% connection instead of the present 50% connection.

This change will apply on and from 1 February 2024.

Land tax – principal place of residence

A little known land tax provision, where only 1 of multiple owners of a property occupies the property as their principal place of residence, is being changed.

The current provision means that a couple could own 999/1000 of a property and their child could own 1/1000 of that property. If the child lived in the property as their principal place of residence and the parents did not, it would be exempt from land tax.

As a result of the change to the land tax rules, the exemption from land tax will only apply if the child owns at least 25% of the property.

Transitional provisions mean that those who already claim the principal place of residence exemption from land tax but own less than a 25% interest in the land may continue to claim the exemption for the 2024 and 2025 land tax years. The minimum 25% ownership requirement will then apply to those owners from the 2026 land tax year. So there is only a transitional application of the current rule, not a grandfathering of it.

Fixed nominal stamp duty amounts

The fixed nominal stamp duty amounts will increase as follows:

  • $10 increased to $20 (e.g. the contract and transfer on a sale of land)
  • $50 increased to $100 (except when it relates to a Management Investment Scheme, when it is $500)
  • $500 increased to $750 (e.g. a related party transfer to a SMSF, a bare trust, a declaration of trust such as a discretionary trust and a unit trust)

This change applies on and from 1 February 2024.

Corporate reconstructions

Corporate reconstructions will no longer get a 100% stamp duty concession.  The concession will be reduced to 90%, so duty will now be payable on 10% of the dutiable value.
This change will apply on and from 1 February 2024.
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