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How to get started with Estate Planning

As Muriel Porter wrote recently[1], “dealing with the death of a loved one is never an easy time”. 

Grief is tough enough without the stress of difficult superannuation and estate matters.

You and your family’s peace of mind at an already difficult time is paramount.  We recommend investing a little more time now on your estate planning to look after your family members.   

Without an up-to-date and considered estate plan, you leave to chance administrative and legal problems, which may include:   

  • your assets not benefiting the people you want to benefit;
  • your assets being at risk of claims by people seeking part of your estate;
  • your assets being at risk in the hands of your beneficiaries, because of things such as:
  • the re-marriage of your spouse or partner;
  • claims from creditors or other legal claims; and
  • inability to effectively manage assets.

Importantly, superannuation is not impacted by your Will.  Your superannuation has its own post death legal and administrative requirements. 

So what should you do?

Contact our Wills and Estates team at Long Saad Woodbridge Lawyers.  Our team will be able to help you get your affairs in order.  Our comprehensive estate plan includes holding your key original documents in safe custody so they are never lost, damaged or destroyed. 

We recommend we also hold:  

  • a copy of your ID;
  • any non-binding letter of wishes to your executors, attorneys ang guardians;
  • your key asset details including original certificates of title; plus
  • any other important personal or family paperwork which will assist your executors, attorneys and guardians.

Our team at Long Saad Woodbridge lawyers has significant Wills and Estates experience. Headed by Executive Lawyer Matthew Smith, our expertise includes wills, private trusts, estate and trust administration, capacity law issues, powers of attorney, enduring guardianship appointments, probate, equity and trusts law.

If even the best planning is not entirely successful, we can assist so that you or your family are not left to precariously navigate what Muriel Porter describes as the “unexpected minefield” that can be estate and superannuation matters.  

[1] https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-01-24/perils-of-widowhood-inherit-superannuation-will-centrelink/101862326



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